Photo Gallery - Pembroke, June 2008 [5]

The non-tidal platform on Saddle Head.

The non-tidal platform on Saddle Head.

Photo information
Camera MakeCanonCamera ModelCanon EOS 300D DIGITALShutter Speed1/100 secAperturef/8
Exposure ModeAuto BracketMetering ModePatternWhite BalanceManualFilm SpeedISO 200
Date2008:06:28 09:17:07Exposure Bias0 EVFlashNoCCD Crop Factor1.59
Focal Length18 mm (Equiv. 28.6 mm)Latitude51.5978°Longitude-4.9491°GPSAltitude15 m

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51.597799983333 -4.9490999833333

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